Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Food (cake) for thought

Now that the Cape Fear "busy wedding season" is over, I've a little time to breathe on the weekends. And see my family.
Reviewing this past year so far, I find that I have provided cakes for over 60 weddings and countless birthdays and anniversaries. That is, by my estimation, about 1000 hours of baking and decorating. That does not include consultations, emails, phone calls, shopping, or delivering the cakes (that would add another 300 to 400 hours).
It's a joyous and fun profession mostly, although sometimes I wonder why I didn't become a brain surgeon instead. The stress of any wedding-related profession is always forgotten until we're actually in the thick of working. I understand how important a cake is to most couples for their wedding, as it is commemorated in photographs, scrutinized in person, and tasted by hopefully satisified guests as well.
I've had a wedding myself; I know that some wedding traditions are more important to some than others. Long before I ever heard of cake decorating as a career, my own wedding took place, and folks, my cake was from Walmart. I had to put it together (it came in pieces) and decorate it myself. I used fake ivy! I'd like to think I've come a long way since then. When we came out to cut the cake, I discovered my very well-meaning friend stuck bright red heart cookies in the top. She still feels badly about it, because I gasped "What is this????". (I don't care...I think it's funny, but years later, I still play the guilt card...bad Karen!)

A few closing thoughts...

Good cake ain't cheap; cheap cake ain't good.

It's not a (choose a dollar amount)'s a beautiful and delicious DESSERT for (choose a guestcount) people.

Never trust a skinny baker (though I would like to shatter that myth..and be skinny).

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I love someone with Autism

Always nice to hear!

"Karen, I just wanted to say thank you for helping to make my wedding day PERFECT. Our cake was absolutely beautiful(the seashells were amazing) and tasted Wonderful! Everyone went on and on about how great the cake was! Again,thank you! I will highly recommend you to any and every bride!

This was an especially nice comment since I had run into a great deal of traffic en route and arrived just 30 minutes before her beachhouse wedding was to start.

Congratulations Brooke and Kevin!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What should I ask my cake vendor?

Do you have a military (or other profession) discount?

What size will my cake be? How many servings is in each tier?

Is delivery and set-up free? How do you deliver?

Can I have a reference?

Do you freeze your cakes? When do you bake them?

What are your most popular flavors? Do you have a personal favorite?

Will you copy a picture? (Please keep in mind that while decorators will do their best to emulate a picture, it may be slightly different in reality due to size, colors, and the style of your decorator.)

What is your payment policy?

Just a few suggestions...happy cake shopping!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Baking tip of the day

If you are using a boxed cake mix, and are looking for a little more flavor...
try a flavored liquid Coffee-mate creamer. Add a 1/4 to 1/3 cup to your recipe, and wait for the compliments.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I pulled a tendon in my foot yesterday. I've got a high pain tolerance, but this just dang hurts! When you do most of your work standing, this is not an optimal condition.
So, off my feet today mostly. I've got a busy weekend ahead, and fortunately, I can do a lot of the prep work sitting down (gumpaste bows, fondant shells, making umpteen "to do" lists). But, come Thursday and Friday, I've got a great deal of baking, baking, and baking to do. And some decorating. And then delivering. Thank goodness for coffee!

I've started booking for 2008 already; this has helped a great deal with my ideas for the future of the business. It doesn't seem like too long ago when I decided to bring a decorated cake to the bridal show in Southport instead of just my truffles and chocolate wedding favors. And so it began...

And last but not least...

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband Jack!

He has requested a giant Double Stuf Oreo cookie to celebrate. And how do you make a giant cookie? With smaller cookies and buttercream! (He told me not to bake!)

I'm feeling a little adventurous, too...need to tweak the flavor menu a bit. Any requests?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Beach weekend

Congratulations to Bridget and Jason.